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Planning, accounting, and tax preparation are an integral part of financial management for all taxpayers.  Services include:


  • Tax preparation for individuals, trusts & estates
  • Tax planning & projections
  • Accounting & bookkeeping
  • Regulatory compliance
  • IRA & other retirement account planning
  • Vermont property tax adjustments

Estates & Trusts

Planning, accounting, tax preparation and management of trusts and estates is a highly-specialized area requiring years of practitioner experience and continuing education.  Executors, administrators, trustees, surviving relatives, and beneficiaries require the services of experts in this field to meet their fiduciary responsibilities associated with the designation as executor or trustee including administrative and tax reporting requirements. Services include:


  • Tax preparation
  • Tax planning and year-end selection optimization
  • Estate & trust accounting & administration
  • Adherence to trust & estate agreement provisions
  • Distributions to beneficiaries
  • Probate accounting compliance
  • Tax reporting & administrative compliance for executors, administrators & personal representatives



Concierge Accounting - Personal Financial Matters

Assistance with personal finances customized to enhance your quality of life and provide invaluable peace of mind. This uniquely personalized service can free up time for busy individuals and provide expertise to widows, widowers, seniors or anyone who would like help organizing and managing the financial aspects of their lives.  Services include: 


  • Bill paying & management
  • Estimated tax payments
  • Banking & account reconciliation
  • Income & itemized deduction recordkeeping
  • Asset titling & revocable trust funding
  • Mail processing & organization
  • Due date monitoring & reminders
  • Communications & paperwork assistance
  • Coordination with family members & financial professionals
  • Designated beneficiary confirmations
  • Tax & financial matter needs assessment